2019 Will be MASSIVE for Bitcoin! Will Altcoins Survive? How VC “Cartels” Destroyed Crypto in 2018

2019 is already looking to be a MASSIVE year for #Bitcoin! What will happen to altcoins? A retrospect: how VC “cartels” destroyed ICOs (and crypto) in 2018, Wallet of Satoshi, Coinbase bans users, Gemini ad campaign, crypto news, and more!

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0:36 Markets 〽️
2:46 Way back when… https://twitter.com/DamianSpriggs/status/1081185384397189121
3:09 Proof of keys lessons: https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/01/04/what-can-we-learn-from-bitcoins-birthday-bank-run/
3:55 Bitcoin fees at 3 year low: https://twitter.com/kerooke/status/1081264457274187776
4:36 Buying gold with Bitcoin: https://zerocrypted.com/the-digital-gold-age-is-growing/
5:48 10 years of Bitcoin: https://blog.bitpanda.com/10-years-of-bitcoin-why-the-journey-is-just-beginning-b3bae50424b
9:26 Wallet of Satoshi: https://nuggetsnews.com.au/wallet-of-satoshi-worlds-1st-user-friendly-lightning-wallet/
12:02 Crypto need rules? https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-needs-rules-says-new-gemini-ad-campaign
15:56 Gab.com censored: https://twitter.com/getongab/status/1081255271429681153
16:33 Politico magazine article: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/10/29/inside-the-online-cesspool-of-anti-semitism-that-housed-robert-bowers-221949
18:07 How the VC cartel is destroyed ICOs: https://icodog.io/crypto-stories/how-the-vc-cartel-is-destroying-icos-ep-4/
25:30 FBG fund: https://analytics.hypernum.com/fund/fbg.capital
29:39 John McAfee on taxes: https://www.thecryptoupdates.com/mcafee-says-i-havent-filed-a-tax-return-in-8-years/
31:16 DASH adoption: https://oracletimes.com/300-merchants-adopt-dash-dash-in-columbia-as-dollar-effect-weakens-around-the-world/
32:38 Tron (TRX) aspirations: https://ethereumworldnews.com/place-tron-trx-4th-in-coinmarketcap-and-have-an-ecosystem-larger-than-ethereum-2-of-the-goals-for-2019-set-by-justin-sun/
33:58 New Zealand BTC fraud: https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-fraudsters-use-nzs-former-pm-john-key-in-endorsement/
34:21 TheDarkOverlord BTC 9/11 ransom: https://www.thecryptoupdates.com/thedarkoverlord-unveils-layer-1-of-damaging-9-11-papers/
34:57 Crypto not a threat? https://cryptoslate.com/big-bankers-cryptocurrency-not-threat-global-financial-stability/
36:10 Marriage certificates on the blockchain: https://cryptomenow.com/want-your-marriage-certificate-to-be-stored-on-the-blockchain-now-you-can-in-nevada/
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