Ethereum Ready to BREAKOUT?! BITCOIN Won’t See a NEW All Time High for Another 22 Years?!?

Ethereum sees a golden cross! More proof that the #Bitcoin bottom is in, OTC demand explodes, $BNB chain, $BSV hashrate down, IOHK Summity 2019, $BTC bonds, Coinbase adds $REP and more countries, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

0:12 Markets 〽️
1:14 Auger (REP) on Coinbase:
3:37 Ethereum flash crash:
4:29 Bitcoin bottom is in:
6:06 22 years to break ATH?
9:07 Binance OTC booming:
10:22 Blockchain babies:
11:20 Forbes article:
13:15 EY pushing forward the space:
14:54 Binance Chain (DEX)
15:15 BSV in trouble:
16:47 XRP tip bot coming to Skype:
17:05 XRP to $300?
17:30 📺 IOHK Summit 2019:
17:50 Top 20 blockchains:
18:22 Top 10 cryptos over time:
18:51 Bitcoin bonds:
20:26 Coinbase adds countries:
21:03 Students should study blockchain:

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INSANE Bitcoin Coincidence!!! Time for Blast Off!? Trump Boosts Crypto Adoption by Accident!

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