Is Bitcoin Still a Good Investment?!? SEC Slams Crypto Startups! $BTCABC “Checkpoint” Centralized?

Is Bitcoin still a good investment? SEC slams two more ICOs and issues statement, Tom Lee still bullish on a $15k $BTC Q4. Is Bitcoin ABC “checkpoint” too centralized? $MCO Visa cards for USA, Charles Hoskinson AMA, crypto news, and more!

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0:01 Trying to but an Alton pump:
0:14 Markets: Factom (FCT) 〽️
1:58 Tom Lee: BTC to 25k Q4:
4:47 Dan Morehead bullish:
6:09 The Lindy effect:
6:58 BTC vs Lindy effect:
8:39 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) updates:
10:06 Is Bitcoin ABC “checkpoint” too centralized?
12:16 Lighting Network news:
12:45 SEC statement:
13:16 SEC ICO crackdown!
14:59 Charles Hoskinson AMA:
15:43 MCO prepaid crypto VISA cads:
16:21 CZ of Binance (BNB) tweets Elon Musk:
17:38 H&M uses Vechain (VET) for logistics:
18:26 IOTA (MIOTA) Research Council:
18:54 0x (ZRX) Relayer Kit:
19:25 NEO hackathon winners:
19:37 Factom (FCT) x Ledger Nano S:
19:47 Lympo (LYM) launch:
20:18 Mining saves Paraguay:
20:52 Blockchain gaming on EOS:
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